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Opinions-Online is one of the tools in the Decisionarium of the Systems Analysis Laboratory. Please, note that Opinions Online v. 2.0 is the newest version. It lets you generate a private and customized site for interactive, web based group decision making, voting and surveys. The site can be open either for everyone or only for a certain group. The results, too, can be open for everyone or protected with a password, and you can decide whether the results can be viewed immediately or only after everyone has given their opinion. You can also set a date after which the results can be seen.

Creating a new session is fast and easy. You can start either by copying and editing one of the templates or by creating a completely new session yourself. The session will be ready and participants can open it immediately after you have finished editing it. If you like, you can also make changes in the session you created or delete it. Changes can be made to the survey form (for example inserting a new question) or its properties (for example changing the group that can participate in the survey). Note, however, that if you edit the survey form (for example correct a misspelling), the edited version is a new questionnaire and its results are stored independent from the old questionnaire.

We have created two demo sessions for you to test and participate in. The entries in the demos should not be taken as real. They are genereted more or less randomly by the visitors of the site.

Demo session 1 - selecting a conference site

In the first session the participants represent members of a professional group voting for the best place for their conference. You, too, can fill out the questionnaire, send it and view the results. Note that you are not restricted to viewing the results of the whole group. You can also select the results related to a group defined by any combination of the fields on the questionnaire. For example, you can see how the males or females, have voted.

Grand Hyatt, Washington, U.S.A.

Hotel Herradura, Costa Rica

Heron Island, Australia

Hotel Riekonlinna, Finland

Demo session 2 - interactive course evaluation

The demo session on interactive course evaluation describes an area in which Opinions-Online is extremely valuable and widely used. Again here, the results are not real but generated more or less randomly. You can fill out the questionnaire, submit it and view the results. Here the benefits of the many analysis features of Opinions-Online are easy to see. For example, you can select one of the many courses e.g. Mathematical Modeling and one of the following groups: doctoral students, 3rd or 4th year students at the Helsinki University of Technology or those who thought the topic of the course was very interesting. However, the comments are always shown for the overall group only.

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